Junior Transition Program

The TPA Junior Transition Program (JTP) is for TPA students between Grade 5 to Intermediate level who demonstrate a very high level of skill and facility in classical ballet. The course provides accelerated ballet training to enable these students to reach their full potential. Students are assessed for this program throughout the year by Ms Lucinda Dunn and faculty and a number of factors are taken into consideration when assessing students for the JTP such as coordination, musicality, physicality, proportion, turnout range, feet/instep, flexibility, intelligence and responsiveness.

Only students enrolled in TPA Part Time Program are eligible for the Junior Transition Program. 

JTP students attend a weekly program which currently takes place on a Wednesday afternoon consisting of:

  • 4:15-5:45 Classical Class
  • 5:45-6:00 Pointe Class
  • 6:15-7:15 Contemporary Class

Senior Transition Program

The Senior Transition Program (STP) provides the opportunity for aspiring talented and dedicated students to undertake a weekly intensive training program and coaching with the TPA Full Time faculty, under the direction of Lucinda Dunn. It is designed to nurture students who demonstrate the potential for future career in classical ballet, to the rigours of Full Time training whilst being sensitive to the students’ age, growing body, physical and emotional development as whilst remaining at traditional academic school. The STP programs welcomes students from external ballet schools, providing the opportunity for external students to experience the TPA Full Time faculty and be regularly assessed by Lucinda Dunn.

The weekly STP includes encompasses Classical Technique Classes, Pointe Classes, Contemporary and Boys Coaching.

STP students have the opportunity to attend TPA Full Time classes throughout the year should they desire. They are also offered the opportunity to feature in the annual TPA Academy concert as well as opportunities to perform in the Sydney City Ballet annual productions.

Students are accepted in via audition only. Public auditions are held each year in late October/early November, or students may apply for private audition throughout the year.

STP students are formally assessed twice a year by Lucinda Dunn and Full Time teaching staff. Students are marked on their progress and achievement in the following areas: Classical Technique, Contemporary Technique and Pointe Work (girls).

Students are assessed and graded on their physical condition, artistry, flexibility and musicality.

Current 2019 STP Schedule (Wednesday afternoons):

  • 4:15-6:00pm Classical Class
  • 6:00-6:45pm Pointe Class
  • 6:00-6:45pm Boys Class
  • 6:45-8:00pm Contemporary Class.


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