PRESS RELEASE: 9 January 2022

Tanya Pearson Academy appoints new Managing Director in 2022!

The prestigious Tanya Pearson Academy is set to reach new heights in 2022 with Slava Tutukin, current Deputy Artistic Director and Company Manager of the Dortmund Ballet and the NRW State Youth Company, Germany, joining the academy as its new Managing Director.

Slava Tutukin was a student of the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy, Russia, and graduated with distinction in 2008.  Whilst a student at the academy, he was awarded a scholarship in 2007 by the Rusimatov Foundation in recognition of his exceptional abilities as a world class talent. In 2009 Slava Tutukin was awarded first prize at the International Ballet Competition, in Rieti, Italy. Since 2010, he has been performing as a Principal Artist, for a number of leading professional companies. During his performance career he worked with leading international choreographers such as Jiři Kylian, Heinz Spoerli, Ohad Naharin, Stijn Celis, Christian Spuck, David Dawson and Robert North.

Slava Tutukin, as a Principal Artist, Director and Company Manager at the top of his field, has elevated the Company to new heights by creating a platform with a world class performance repertoire from internationally acclaimed choreographers. He has also organised critically acclaimed International Galas, with performances of famous Principal Artists from leading companies all around the world.

Slava’s strong connection to the Vaganova Ballet Academy has continued into his professional career as an organiser and tutor of the Vaganova Ballet Academy International Workshops. As a Career Development Mentor, he has given numerous masterclasses around the world with overwhelming success.

Slava has received four scholarships from the “Dance Foundation” (Germany) for his BA Business Management degree at the Open University, UK.

With Slava’s expertise and skills, The Tanya Pearson Academy will be uniquely connected to the professional dance world and elevated to an international world class level. With his extensive business and management acumen, Slava brings incredible knowledge of the current professional dance scene to the academy and is uniquely placed to create exclusive and professional career opportunities for TPA students and Australian dance.

Slava Tutukin has been appointed as Managing Director of the world-renowned Tanya Pearson Academy from February 2022.