World renowned Tanya Pearson Academy is set to expand in 2021

with Xanthe Geeves and Gregor Thieler joining the creative and executive team alongside Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn OAM and General Manager Nicole Sharp

Geeves and Thieler bring a wealth of international performance and business acumen to the Academy, which will complement the existing strengths of the faculty and management teams and position the Tanya Pearson Academy at the forefront of elite dance education worldwide.

Having danced with the English National Ballet, Dresden’s Semperoper State Ballet, the Aalto Ballet Essen and as Principal with the Hanover State Ballet and Wiesbaden State Ballet, former Tanya Pearson student Xanthe Geeves has since forged a reputation as an outstanding choreographer, teacher and mentor.

Gregor Thieler has performed many principal and soloist roles across Europe including at Ballet Hagen, Ballet Dortmund, Aalto Ballet Essen, Ballet Innsbruck and the Wiesbaden State Ballet.

Since their stellar performance careers, Thieler and Geeves have established successful companies in Europe and Australia, most recently managing the Ballet Academy Northside and the Sydney College of Dance, with Geeves awarded the Emerging Female Classical Choreographer Award for 2020 to create a work for The Australian Ballet.

From January 2021, Geeves will be Creative Director and Thieler will be Executive Director, joining Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn and General Manager Nicole Sharp.

In making the announcement, Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn said:

“I am so inspired to be adding to the Tanya Pearson Academy creative and executive teams. There are so many exciting possibilities to explore, and Gregor, Xanthe, Nicole and I have the knowledge, ambition and commitment to further excel and nurture talented young artists as we aim to create dancers with artistry and technique, armed with the necessary tools for a professional career.

“The Academy continues to go from strength to strength, and I am extremely proud of the achievements made in the five years of my tenure to date. I am looking forward to welcoming Gregor and Xanthe and to working with them to further enhance and build the Academy and its international reputation, which both Tanya Pearson and I have long nurtured,” she continued.

Xanthe Geeves said:

“Mrs Pearson was an important mentor who instilled in me a deep love and understanding of the art form. With Tanya’s guidance I was able to enter the professional dance world with a strong sense of my own artistic voice and the necessary passion to seize and explore every new opportunity. I feel very excited to join the TPA team to work together with Lucinda and Nicole in continuing Tanya’s legacy and her artistic vision. As Creative Director, I am looking forward to both choreographing and creating exciting projects that will enable the students to collaborate and work with international choreographers on professional works. I will be helping each dancer discover their own unique artistic voice and their ability to contribute to the creative process.”

Gregor Thieler said:

“A pioneer, through her teachings of true artistry, technical excellence and emotional integrity, Tanya Pearson’s vision for the Academy was to create a unique and prestigious ballet institution training some of the profession’s best talents. With Lucinda Dunn carrying forward that vision, the Tanya Pearson Academy has become the flagship of elite ballet education. As Executive Director, I am looking forward to working together to further strengthen the Academy’s standing and reputation through our established connections with directors and companies around the world.”

General Manager Nicole Sharp said:

“I am extremely excited to welcome Xanthe Geeves and Gregor Thieler to the Tanya Pearson Academy team. This marks an exciting new phase in the continued growth and development of the Academy, adding to our rich teaching faculty and building on the legacy and principles of quality teaching founded by Tanya Pearson more than 50 years ago.

“Under the Artistic Direction of Lucinda Dunn, over the past five years the Tanya Pearson Academy has strengthened its reputation as a world class leading provider of classical ballet training. Lucinda, together with the Academy’s extensive faculty, have nurtured many students into careers in classical and contemporary ballet and succeeded in the vision of training students through to pre-professional level and direct into company contracts.

“Now, the students of the Academy will be further enriched by Gregor and Xanthe’s extensive knowledge and experience of current international repertoire and connections, as well as benefit from Xanthe’s experience and reputation as a choreographer.

“As former students of Tanya Pearson, Lucinda and Xanthe both have a strong respect for the Academy’s long and rich history. With Lucinda Dunn continuing to steer the Academy as Artistic Director, and with the passion, experience and commitment being brought into the team by Xanthe and Gregor, in 2021 the Academy is well positioned to continue as a world leader in ballet education and provide even greater international opportunities for its students,” she concluded.


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