An extensive classical ballet training program designed to nurture talented and dedicated students during academic education years 6 – 10, by incorporating a future focused learning pathway.

Selected students will be provided with up to 8.5 hours per week of elite training (depending on level), working in conjunction within the NSW Government Elite Artists Exemption policies. Students in the EAP 6-7 program will have their own uniquely designed program under the guidance of Lucinda Dunn (Artistic Director).

The 2021 EAP 6-7 program offers a weekly Saturday Coaching Class (1.5hrs).

The 2021 EAP 8-10 program offers one week-day afternoon of coaching plus a comprehensive Saturday schedule.

This program will be in conjunction with their existing after-hours program including the TPA after-hours Transition Programs, to support and provide the foundations necessary for students to prepare for full-time courses in the future and potential careers in ballet.

Acceptance into the TPA ELITE ACADEMIC PROGRAM is by audition/invitation only. Students must demonstrate that they are at an elite level in their field – meeting the TPA Criteria in:


Physical Proportions and suitability

Turnout/rotation and use of it

Foot & ankle mobility


Pure Classical Ballet foundations


Focus, Drive and Passion

The program will be overseen by TPA Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn and students will work with TPA full-time faculty.

Students will be formally assessed twice a year by Lucinda Dunn. Entry into this program does not guarantee direct entrance into the TPA Full Time program. The program and a student may remain in the EAP program for more than one year.

Audition Now for our Elite Academic Program 2022. This unique program has been developed to nurture and support talented students from academic years 6 through to 10 by providing access to full-time training and faculty whilst working within the framework of their existing academic commitments. At TPA we are keen to support students to progressively increase their Pre-Professional training by providing opportunities to incrementally increase their hours whilst maintaining their academic studies at school. This ensures they have an optimal preparation and smooth transition into our full-time program.


“I love my school and don’t want to switch to distance education yet, so the Elite Academic Program (EAP) is perfect to help me stay competitive in my training and stay in school.” – Lucelle Davis – TPA Senior EAP Student
“The Elite Academic Program (EAP) is just what Lucelle needed. While enjoying school and not being ready to give up that part of her life, this gives her the extra training at a high level while keeping academic options open. TPA really listen to the needs of their students and have developed a program that will facilitate a high level of training whilst remaining in the academic school system. I am thrilled that Lucelle will be able to significantly increase her training whilst remaining in school.” – Meg Davis (Lucelle’s Mum)
This program enables students to gain further understanding of full-time ballet commitments and demands but who may not be ready emotionally or physically to make the full leap into full-time training. Information and forms can be found on our website.


Audition Requirements

Complete EAP Audition Form – available on our website https://tanyapearsonacademy.com.au/elite-academic-program-eap-form/

Supporting Photos Required:

1x Head Shot

1x Tendu a Terre a La Seconde

1x 4th Position Croise (En Pointe for girls)

1x Arabesque En L’air (side view)

Attendance at the audition is preferred. Students unable to attend the Audition may submit DVD / Video Link Audition Application. Video application is due by Monday 31st August.

Non TPA students are welcome to audition for the TPA Elite Academic Program. This program will supplement a students’ existing training program at their current ballet school/Academy.

Requirements by Video Audition:

Ballet Barre comprising plie, tendu, jetés , fondu, adage, grand battements

Centre – tendu, adage pirouettes, small allegro, petite allegro and grand allegro

Pointe work (For those currently en pointe)

Classical solo or syllabus variation

Contemporary solo or contemporary phrase

20 minutes maximum content.

Video submission accepted by Youtube/Vimeo link or DVD.



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