The Tanya Pearson Academy provides on-site academic support and tutoring for full-time students through experienced and qualified HSC school teachers. Students have access to five on-site weekly group study sessions providing face-to-face contact with tutors to assist with all facets of their academic studies. Additional one-on-one private coaching can be organised.

The process of commencing full time ballet training can be overwhelming and new. TPA academic staff will assist parents to navigate their way around the world of distance education learning, providing experienced advice on the various providers and finding one that will suit the student’s individual needs.

Specialised Ongoing Tutoring

Our hand-picked tutoring team works with the TPA full time students five times a week providing academic support. This is conducted at the TPA studios in our study room and at times that do not interfere with the students’ ballet training program.

Organisation of Distance Schooling

Our academic staff providers can be engaged to act as student supervisors under their distance education school. In this role, STN manages all communication between students and their school teachers as well as facilitating all examinations and assessments throughout the year.

Your Child’s Education Advocate

Our academic tutors are trained specifically to work with full time ballet students. They not only assist with their schooling, but also mentor them as they move through this life transition. Our academic tutors work closely with the TPA staff and teachers as well as the distance education providers to find a holistic and balanced approach for assisting your son or daughter.

Lecture Series

The full time students are exposed to regular lecture series throughout the year that cover:

  • Anatomy:
    – Understanding the dancer’s body
    – Injury prevention
    – Injury management.
  • Nutrition:
    – Healthy Minds and Healthy Eating
    – Understanding Nutrition and what is required for the dancer.
  • Dance Psychology:
    – The healthy mindset
    – Mindset training programs
    – Performance psychology
    – Counselling for the dancer.
  • Career Development:
    – Defining strengths, attributes, skills
    – Defining goals and focus
    – Industry knowledge and research
    – Preparation of CV
    – Assistance with Audition DVDs and applications
    – Preparation for Private and Open auditions.

These lectures are given by experienced and qualified industry experts. Lecture series are facilitated on site and access to further individual private sessions are available for all our students.



Please feel free to contact us to facilitate a personal discussion with you directly.