Current TPA Affiliate Students 

  • Mietta Brookman– Pavlova School of Classical Ballet, Adelaide  
  • Fergus Johnson– Dance HQ, Orange 
  • Livinia Whitelaw– The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio 
  • Ramita Coldrey– House of Dance, Tasmania 
  • Samantha Grimsey– House of Dance, Tasmania 
  • Ava Cleary– House of Dance, Tasmania 
  • Charlie Brown– GCS Dance
  • Sarita Muller– Expressions Ballet Academy, Geelong 
  • Amelia Donaldson– Canberra Festival Ballet School 
  • Charlize Duck-  Expressions Ballet Academy, Geelong
  • Zoe Lewry- GCS Dance
  • Zoe Roberts- Danae Cantwell School of Dance
  • Daisy Sexton- Byron Ballet 
  • Tashi Carroll Ryan-  Expressions Ballet Academy, Geelong
  • Caitlyn Martin- Expressions Ballet Academy, Geelong 
  • Annabelle Tran-  TDC The Dance Company
  • Tayla Briggs- Mount Eden Ballet Academy
  • Caprice Nataly- RAW Performers

They TPA affiliate program is designed to connect with schools and students around Australia that are committed to excellence in training and to foster opportunities to inspire students, open pathways and create opportunities for young Australian dancers.

TPA has a long history of welcoming students from other schools throughout NSW, from interstate and overseas schools for short term visits. The TPA Affiliate Program provides opportunities for aspiring students from regional NSW, interstate or overseas to benefit from our teaching and gain a real insight into the realities of Full Time ballet training. TPA models its Full Time Program on international teaching methods to the highest standard and has a large faculty of over 20 teachers offering classes in classical ballet, contemporary, repertoire, pas de deux, character, pilates, conditioning and coaching.

How to join the TPA Affiliate Program

TPA works in conjunction with schools and teachers in a transparent manner in order to encourage and facilitate opportunities that will benefit the students and schools.

Teachers are welcome to propose students for our TPA Affiliate Program at any time throughout the year. Students that are committed, show potential for development and who would benefit from the exposure to our program and the training are encouraged to apply. TPA Affiliate places will be strictly limited by number and capped per year.

TPA Affiliate students will have the opportunity to attend days throughout the year at mutually convenient times that are coordinated with the teachers – enabling the student to participate in Full Time as well as part time classes at the Tanya Pearson Academy. Affiliate students will be placed in the level and classes best suited to their standard.

In addition to short term visit opportunities, TPA Affiliate students will also have priority opportunities to audition for Sydney City Ballet productions and priority booking opportunities and discounted rates to TPA Workshops.

During short term visits, TPA Affiliate students may also request private coaching sessions with any of the TPA faculty (pending availability).

Affiliate students will remain valid for one year from the time of acceptance. Students must reapply/audition to continue in the Affiliate program.

Affiliate schools and students will be acknowledged on our website credit to the school will always be made in any reference to Affiliate students.

We see this an opportunity to promote collaboration amongst schools and fostering opportunities and pathways for young talented students. Acceptance into the TPA Affiliate Program does not guarantee any acceptance into the TPA Full Time programs.

How do students apply?

We invite teachers/principals to submit students by completing the Affiliate application form along with a recommendation or letter of support. Along with the application form, we require some brief footage of the student (does not have to be professional quality – as long as clear and visible).

Audition DVD/video link requirements:

  • Approximately 10 minutes of class work including barre, centre and pointe
  • Classical Solo or Variation (if available).

The cost of becoming a TPA Affiliate student:

Affiliate Audition Fee:

$50.00 AUD per student

Annual Affiliate Membership Fee:

$150 per annum per student (includes a TPA Affiliate Leotard/Tights & TPA Ballet Diary)

Rates for Intensive Visits:

TPA Affiliate students will be able to visit TPA for up to two weeks throughout the year (at mutually agreeable times). This may be for a day or two at a time or in a week-long block. Alternatively Fridays-Saturdays is available if the student is unable to have a week away.

Visiting Week-Day Rate: $90 (includes all full-time and part time classes)
Visiting Saturday Rate: $TBC
Private Coaching: $50 per half hour

Upon acceptance into the program you will be notified of TPA Affiliate uniform, schedule and other information.


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