Tiny Tots Ballet  – Ages 3-4

This program has been carefully designed to inspire, engage and nurture the budding young ballet dancer. This 45 minute ballet class is suitable for students aged between 3 to 4.5yrs, depending on their maturity, concentration span and readiness. Students are provided with a structured but stimulating ballet class exposing their young and receptive minds and bodies to the power of music and movement. These young students are already introduced to the fundamentals of ballet – laying the foundation to progress to Pre-Primary and beyond in their ballet studies. 

Pre-Primary Ballet – Ages 4-6

Pre-Primary Ballet is the entry level for the international renowned ballet syllabus by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). This is the classical ballet syllabus for the Part Time Academy and is one of the most influential and dominant dance training syllabi worldwide. The Academy believes training in a syllabus teachers students to have commitment to their work and follow a structure in their day to day classes. The Academy provides training in all levels of RAD from the entry level Pre-Primary to Grade 5 (Graded Levels) and Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced II (Vocational Levels). RAD Examinations take place annually at the Academy. Students who gain Intermediate or above are qualified to teach RAD.  



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