Tiny Tots Ballet  

This program has been carefully designed to inspire, engage and nurture the budding young ballet dancer. This 45 minute ballet class is suitable for students aged between 2.5 to 4.5yrs, depending on their maturity, concentration span and readiness. Students are provided with a structured but stimulating ballet class exposing their young and receptive minds and bodies to the power of music and movement. These young students are already introduced to the fundamentals of ballet – laying the foundation to progress to Pre-Primary and beyond in their ballet studies. 

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus Classes  

RAD is the classical ballet syllabus for the Part Time Academy and is one of the most influential and dominant dance training syllabi worldwide. The Academy believes training in a syllabus teachers students to have commitment to their work and follow a structure in their day to day classes. The Academy provides training in all levels of RAD from Pre-Primary to Grade 5 (Graded Levels) and Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced II (Vocational Levels). RAD Examinations take place annually at the Academy. Students who gain Intermediate or above are qualified to teach RAD.  

Classical Open Classes  

TPA offers open classes for students from Grade 3 right through to Advanced 2. These classes aim to prepare students for auditions, competition and Full Time, teaching students to pick up exercises quickly and respond promptly to directions. Open classes enable students to learn syllabus beyond what they may experience in their regular syllabus classes. In our Open classes students are also exposed to different vocabulary and styles of teaching which better prepares them for competitions, auditions and external masterclasses and workshops. 

Boys Classes 

TPA provides boys only ballet classes enabling boys to focus on particular boys technique and skills. In these classes, which are facilitated by our male teachers, boys learn skills on how to perfect jumps, tours, turns as well as receiving coaching on boys repertoire. The boys only classes provide an excellent opportunity for boys at different levels working together to unite and learn from each other, motivate each other and inspire each other.  

Character Dance  

Character dance is considered an essential part of training across Europe. Based on both Vaganova and Moiseyev styles, the Part Time Character Classes give students the opportunity to learn examples of the broad spectrum of national dances: from warm-hearted Russian and Ukrainian, proud Polish and swift Hungarian to mysterious Persian, Pamirian and fiery Gypsy. Children are exposed to authentic music and given a cultural context behind the moves. 

Contemporary Dance  

Contemporary is a key element in the TPA training, allowing students to be versatile and adaptable dancers. TPA contemporary classes range from techniques such as Cunningham and Graham to a more lyrical and improvisational style. With contemporary repertoire being incorporated in majority of classical companies it is important that the Academy prepares classical dancers for this. Students from Grades 1 upwards have the opportunity to enrol into Contemporary classes.  

Jazz Dance 

The students undertake a commercial jazz style which focuses on musicality, coordination, dynamics and strength set to modern music. This style of dance helps improve the students’ ability to pick up choreography quickly and apply a range of dynamic contrast to their movement. Jazz classes are available for students from Grade 2 upwards. 

Lyrical Dance 

Lyrical Dance is a combination of ballet, modern, and jazz dance. It is typically softer and more fluid than jazz, and it allows more freedom and release than ballet. It is very appealing to dancers because lyrical choreography uses popular, commercial music, yet it still incorporates many modern dance principles that help dancers find release and dynamic in their bodies. Lyrical classes are available from Grade 2 upwards. 

Musical Theatre 

Our Musical Theatre classes are structured to develop and encourage a great performance. Students are offered an insight into different dance styles of world-famous musical productions. The Goal of the class is to teach students Musical Theatre skills while working together to stage a fabulous production at the end of each session.  Rehearsing and presenting a musical will foster students’ creativity, responsibility, independence, teamwork, and dedication. It will also strengthen social/communication skills and self-esteem through students’ learning to work together and taking pride in their accomplishments. Musical Theatre classes are available from Grade 2 upwards.  

Repertoire Classes  

Classical ballet repertoire gives students the opportunity to learn work from professional ballets performed by companies around the world. This allows students to get a sense of what dancers do in a company and learn to dance and perform with artistry as well as technique. Apart from learning pieces in strict accordance to its traditional choreography, they will gain a repertoire of variations which can be used in certain sections of Eisteddfods as well as performances. 

Limber Stretch & Conditioning 

This program has been carefully devised by Academy founder Tanya Pearson and is designed to create greater freedom of movement in the dancers. Mrs Tanya Pearson is renowned for producing dancers with both artistry and port de bras and this is largely based on releasing freedom of the upper spine, breadth of movement, flexibility and movement in the body. This program combines safe stretching together with strengthening and breathing techniques and can be adapted to suit many ages and from the younger part time student through to the professional dancer.



  • ACRO DANCE (Age 6-13)
  • PETITE PERFORMER (Grade 2 – 5)


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