Jenna Civin

Royal Ballet School- White Lodge

Jenna Civin

Jenna grew up in Auckland, New Zealand where she began dancing at Marian McDermott School of Dance. At age 12, Jenna was selected as a New Zealand School of Dance Scholar where she would attend monthly classes in Wellington. In 2017, Jenna joined Mount Eden Ballet Academy Future Dancers Program where she was taught by Melinda Palmer. That same year, Jenna danced as a Finalist in the Alana Haines Australasian Awards (AHA Awards). 

After seeing first hand the Tanya Pearson Academy dancers at AHA Awards, Jenna auditioned for their Full Time Program. Jenna relocated with her family to Sydney in 2018 and began full-time training at TPA. She blossomed under their excellent training and nurturing environment.  In October 2018, Jenna participated in the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) in Melbourne, and was awarded a short-term scholarship to Princess Grace Academy.

It had always been a dream of Jenna to attend The Royal Ballet School. Tanya Pearson Academy teachers and staff encouraged and supported Jenna in her goal. Jenna auditioned for The Royal Ballet School in March 2019, and was offered a place at White Lodge, Jenna commenced at White Lodge in September this year. 




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