Tanya Pearson Academy celebrates 50th Anniversary at the Sydney International Ballet Gala 2022!

Congratulations to all our wonderful TPA students and guest artists for their outstanding performances on stage at the Sydney International Ballet Gala!

Thank you to our TPA faculty and staff for their intense effort and expertise in preparing our students for this very successful event.

It was a unique and exciting opportunity for our TPA dancers, and every student was confident and able to enjoy taking part in such a prestigious celebration of dance.

We are very proud of each individual dancer for their professionalism and commitment to prepare for the Sydney International Ballet Gala in order to shine on stage.
A special thank you to our choreographers and guest choreographers who have created the wonderful works for our Full Time, Transition and EAP students, Wim Broeckx, Jake Burden, Gilli O’Connell, Emma-Jane Morton, Joshua Consandine and Nicole Clarke Mitchell, which our dancers obviously enjoyed performing.

A big thank you to our TPA faculty for coaching the corps de ballet, as they successfully supported our guest artists with such a high degree of professionalism.

Thank you to the Sydney Youth Orchestra for their wonderful contribution to this event. Your beautiful performance in the piece Forest of Mind, created by Jake Burden, was inspiring and added another dimension for both the performers and the audience who were deeply appreciative.

A huge thank you to Hanna Jones for her wonderful work and expertise in costuming and for her incredible support that she gave to all our special guest artists with their costumes during the gala. Thank you to the TPA staff, volunteer parents and students who generously helped to decorate costumes.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers, parents, and staff for being such a tremendous support for our students in preparation for the event and also backstage. Special mention to Victoria Collings, Karen Harrison, Katie Newton, Liz Perez and Kristin McDonald who also helped with dress rehearsals.

The event was such an enjoyable experience for all and a wonderful way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of the academy.

Thank you everyone!